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fellow program

The fellow program is an interactive training program that explores the concepts of climate change and the circular economy and works in groups on innovative solutions.

You've come to the right place if you want to help shape a sustainable future

develop solutions

understand problems

Found your startup

You can expect that

Thinkubator Trainer und Fellows
  • An interactive training course on the topics of climate change and the circular economy

  • Own project with Fellow colleagues with potential for implementation (also after the program)

  • Workshops & Lectures by external and internal experts 

  • Qualitative support from experienced Fellow Leads

  • Contact to experts, organizations and companies via our network

  • At the end of the program you will become a member of our alumni community

Facts & Datails

We start with a KickOff weekend on 20/21 October. After two days full of workshops and team building, we form the groups together in which we will work together on the challenges for the rest of the season. 


The next six weeks - the research phase - are all about building knowledge. By means of interviews and scientific papers, the problem is examined in all its aspects, all stakeholders and their perspectives are analysed. The groups present their insights to each other on 11th of December.


Building on the understanding of the problem, we now turn to developing a solution and start with the Innovation Sprint. In this phase, we work primarily with design thinking tools to think as openly and creatively as possible and to build on what already exists. In the past seasons, the final results were start-ups as well as campaigns and cooperation projects. The final presentations with an external audience will take place on 30 January


Besides the work in the teams, there are also plenty of opportunities to meet the other fellows and the Thinkubator mentors. Each group holds a short weekly meeting with their Fellow Lead (Thinkubator team, alumni or mentors) once a week. In addition, we offer several skill workshops throughout the season where you can further your education and meetups as well as excursions where you can network with alumni.


Our trainers offer the following modules:


What our alumni say

Testimonial Marie-Christin
The time at Thinkubator was a great learning experience and a time of growth for me. Through all the great workshops, lectures and interviews, I was able to get to know many insights and different perspectives.


Thinkubator Alumna

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