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Masterclass zu zirkulären Geschäftsmodellen
Thinkubator Trainer am KickOff Staffel 3
Workshop for Coworkings zum Thema Circular Economy

Our customers 

In interactive settings, our trainers work together with you to develop practicable sustainability concepts.
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circuit training

Understand circular economy and practice circular thinking.

In our workshop formats, we explain the principles and frameworks of the circular economy and work together to develop the potential that circular business models bring with them. Finally, we train the application of the R-strategies with an interactive part. In addition, we take a look at the role that cross-company collaboration plays in this. 

200+ participants within the last 18 months.

Our formats


Circuit Training


Together we dive into the circular economy. In 90 minutes you will learn the basics and principles of the circular economy in the form of an keynote.


Circuit Training Advanced

Building on the basics of the circular economy, we work out the concrete potential in an interactive setting in 4 hours - with concrete output.


Circuit Training


Ein a tailor-made 1-2 day programafitted to your specific context to learn and apply the principles of the circular economy.

The topic of circular economy is full of innovation and potential. It's also an issue that only works with collaboration. Circuit training is not only educational and drives sustainability, it is also an effective team building tool. 

Who are our trainers? 

The Thinkubator speakers have experience in training and profound knowledge of the theory and practice of circular economy. Who conducts your circuit training depends on you and the expertise required. If your organization is a company and the participating employees come from different departments, we will send a different trainer to you than if they are students or founders. 

Thinkubator Kickoff
"It was a great pleasure for me to participate in the Thinkubator workshop. Through the diverse insights of the founders, I was able to take away a lot about the topic of "circular economy and sustainability" in the company. I particularly liked the lightness and cordiality they brought to their presentation and the various work tasks. This made it much easier to implement and shape ideas within the group. Through sovereign appearance and charm, they led the group to more knowledge and experience! A current and very important topic, brought closer with heart and mind."

Franz Schmid, easystaff

Depending on prior knowledge and your needs, we adapt our formats to inspire your target group for sustainable business.

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