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In order to successfully master the sustainability turnaround in the company, it takes the entire workforce.

With our apprenticeship program, your apprentices will be made aware of sustainable management and learn application-based about the sustainability activities in your industry. 





The LeNa-Challenge combines the useful with the necessary - apprenticeship & sustainability. Our offer is aimed at companies and apprentices at the same time. 


Together with the apprenticeship experts from Sindbad Social Business, we enable a joint immersion in topics of sustainability and the climate crisis.


Together with your internal sustainability experts and apprentice trainers, we define the framework of the challenge and adapt it individually to the needs of your company. This process guarantees an ideal experience.

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Die LeNa-Challenge is currently in the pilot phase.

Get in touch if the offer sparked your interest.

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Daniel Nenning

Daniel Nenning

Daniel is a board member at the Thinkubator and a programme manager in the apprenticeship sector.

With practical experience in the fields of politics, environmental protection and in management consultancy, he brings in-depth expertise and a wide range of valuable experience and viewpoints.


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