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Circular economy thrives on cooperation. 

The by-products of one company can serve as input materials for another company. By closing material cycles, the demand for primary raw materials can be drastically reduced. Therefore, Thinkubator forms research consortia to connect the companies with each other and thus advance the circular economy.


As part of FFG Impact Innovation, we are currently researching the financing of the circular economy and the hurdles that SMEs in Austria face when implementing circular business models.

Thinkubator is currently developing the FFG funded project "Talente regional" together with TU Vienna, the Climate Lab and Precious Plastics. As part of this project pupils are trained on the subject of plastics in the circular economy.

Stay tuned - more is to come. We are curious about your ideas and eager to make them reality together with the right stakeholders - happy to hear from you.

Circular Economy Monitor Austria
Coming soon

Together with the Institute for Clean Technology, shifttanks and The Tomorrow Tribe, we take an honest look at the circular economy in Austria - based on figures, data, facts and human phenomena. CEMA provides an insight into the status quo of the circular economy in Austria - for industry, politics and people in key, exemplary and powerful positions.


Which companies are pioneers, what regulatory framework is needed and what support is required?


This and much more is revealed by the Circular Economy Monitor Austria, the most comprehensive status survey on the circular economy in Austria.

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