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Feasibility Study

For a successful transition to sustainable business practices, a thorough analysis of risks and potentials is indispensable.

Grüne Glühbirne

The Feasibility Study is a highly effective tool to explore the economic, environmental and social impacts of changing your products or processes to a sustainable alternative. It provides you with a comprehensive insight into the opportunities and challenges associated with this change.

Circular economy is a key element for sustainable success and is already implemented in many companies today. With circular business models, not only costs can be saved. Sovereignty in value creation and new customer groups can be won with the right strategy.


The Feasibility Study provides a compact overview of the potential of circular economy-based marketing of your product line. Our specialists analyse your product, develop a structured industry analysis, and outline opportunities and obstacles on your way to the circular economy.

Ihre Vorteile


Efficient cost-benefit analysis to make sustainable decisions.


With best practices and a plan of action for long-term, sustainable success.


Individual advice and support for the path to your sustainable future.

Our specialists analyse your product with the utmost care, conduct a comprehensive industry analysis and clearly outline the opportunities and potential obstacles that lie on your path to the circular economy. You will not only receive data, but also a clear direction on how to make your company fit for the future.


With the Thinkubator Feasibility Study, you have a reliable basis for making informed decisions and successfully achieving your sustainability goals.

Our approach

Project Kick-Off

Determine the milestones and identify the information required for the analysis.

Presentation of results

Evaluation of the results and formulation of individual recommendations based on the results of the analysis.


Assessment of economic, technical, strategic and regulatory feasibility.

Take the first step towards a sustainable future.

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Benjamin Frahndl

Benjamin Frahndl

Benjamin is a member of the Thinkubator board and lead of the CRC offering. Due to his previous work experience in management consultancies, Benjamin Frahndl has extensive experience in areas such as project management, strategy development and transformation.

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