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Impact Communication

Anchor your value in the world, internally and externally.


internal & external


Achieve a profound connection between your social and environmental added value - inside your organisation as well as in the outside world. With our Impact Communication package you design a communication strategy that authentically reflects your values and at the same time sends an inspiring message to the outside world.

Brand building - In line with your values

Our expertise enables us to respond individually to the needs of each organisation. We don't offer standardised packages, but tailor them to the specific wishes and goals of our clients. Our comprehensive services cover the entire range of sustainability communication design.


This includes targeted measures for strong brand building or successful rebranding. Authentic campaigns bring your message to life and create a bond with your target groups. With targeted press releases, we put your commitment in the spotlight.

Your benefits


Sustainability efforts can be communicated in a clear and appealing way.


Consistent and convincing sustainability communication distinguishes you from competitors.


With the right messages, your organisation will work more effectively internally towards your sustainability goals.

Sustainability communication - internal and inspiring

Internal communication is just as important as external communication. We support you in establishing effective sustainability communication within your organisation. This not only informs employees, but also inspires and involves them.

With our impact communication, you create a powerful connection between values, brand presence and an inspired audience - within your organisation and beyond. Together we design a communication strategy that conveys your commitment to a better world in an authentic and impactful way.

Our approach

Project Kick-Off

Determine the main objectives, identify the target groups and define the channels and media.

Presentation of results

Presentation of the implementation plan and dissemination road map of the developed content.

Design phase

Developing a comprehensive communication strategy and creating high-quality content and messages.

Rima Suppan, Peachies

"The Thinkubator team was able to provide us with really interesting insights and creative new ideas on a challenging topic that struck the right balance between bold and practical."


Thinkubator in three words: Dedicated. Insightful. Unconventional thinking.

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Tom Geiger

Thomas Geiger

Tom is Board Member at Thinkubator and Programme Manager of Impact Communication. With hands-on experience in campaigning and PR, both in politics and in the environmental NGO sector, he brings in-depth expertise and a wide range of valuable experience and perspectives.

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