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Kickstart CSRD

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (short for CSRD) undoubtedly marks a significant step in the right direction by requiring companies to be more transparent about their non-financial impacts. But with this important development, new, complex challenges arise for companies.


The CSRD compliance requirements bring additional layers of responsibility and level of detail. Companies are faced with the task of not only identifying key aspects, but also ensuring that these are of utmost importance to the company itself and its stakeholders. ​


The key to the solution: The double materiality analysis. A significant portion of the new work resulting from the CSRD focuses on dual materiality analysis. This process requires not only a deep understanding of internal processes, but also precise coordination with the different expectations of stakeholders. This is where Thinkubator comes into play.

Our Method

Value Chain Analysis

  • Systematic analysis of your business activities along the value chain.

  • Determination of the scope of the relevant steps and identification of the stakeholders to be included.

Double Materiality Assessment

  • Identification of potentially material topics and their effects, risks and opportunities, taking into account existing processes in your company.

  • Creation of a topic longlist as a basis for the assessment of impact materiality and financial materiality.

  • Consolidation of the two perspectives and identification of disclosure obligations.


  • Clear capture and record of all analytical steps performed in relation to specific disclosure requirements.

  • Creation of a road map to achieve your company's sustainability goals.

Your benefits


Because every company takes its own unique journey toward sustainability, we tailor our advice to your specific needs. Given the rapidly changing landscape, we actively support you in introducing CSRD and effectively presenting its benefits in your company.


Our focus is on proactive collaboration, not just reactive advice. For this reason, we work with you to develop prevention strategies for possible crisis situations using prevention strategies based on the results of the double materiality analysis.


Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with a wide range of skills. In addition, our partnerships with experts from various fields raise the integrity of your report to the highest standards.

Get ready to start on the path to a sustainable future.

At Thinkubator, we understand that double materiality analysis is a challenge that requires strategic thinking, expertise and effective methods. Our team of experts supports your company in overcoming these challenges and successfully implementing the double materiality analysis.

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