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Circle Training 

An original way to do community building.

What is circle training?

Nobody can do sustainability or circular economy on their own - that's why the topic is perfect to practice collaboration and teamwork! In our circle trainings we first walk you through the basics to get everyone on the same page regarding climate change and sustainability and then help you apply circular economy for your organization in an interactive setting. At the end, you will have a list of fantastic sustainability ideas to implement that - as a side effect also serve you as an original marketing campaign!

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Case Study: Sende

Sende is one of the oldest coworking and coliving spaces in the countryside of Spain. We organized a circle training in May 2023 to help building a community amongst a group of female founders from all over Europe staying in Sende for a month. The group was very interested in learning about the topic and during the interactive part, the participants got to know each other on a completely different level than before. While brainstorming about circular economy and "bicycles", they ended up talking about their favorite hobbies, vacations and accidents - coworkers became friends.

After the workshop which lasted 90 minutes, the whiteboard in the Coworking was filled with a list of cool projects focused on sustainability and circular economy, which Sende can implement. The first project the hosts want to set up is a spot for second-hand glasses (eyeglasses as well as sunglasses) where the villagers and coworkers exchange their old glasses and their stories.​

When the participants presented the creative ideas they came up with for Sende, you could feel how they grew together in the process of creating something original and of value for the local community - the future coworkers as well as the villagers.​ The neighbors of Sende like to interact with the international coworkers but it is not always easy to start the conversation. The glasses-exchange spot is a nice place to start talking with each other while saving money and time driving to the next optician. 

Attracting new coworkers fitting into your culture can sometimes be an effort. That's why we record and document the circle training and use the interactive part to generate a sustainability action plan for you. So our workshop actually serves you as an original marketing campaign afterwards that will attract new people naturally.

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